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How to Get Rid of Hairy Ears: Tips and Solutions

Are you tired of the embarrassment and discomfort caused by hairy ears? Don’t worry! You’re not alone, and there are effective solutions to this common issue. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the causes and symptoms of hairy ears, the impact of ear hair on your health, and the best methods for safe and effective

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Clear, Odorless Ear Discharge | Why Your Ear is Leaking

Ear discharge, also known as otorrhea, is a common problem that affects many people. It refers to any fluid that comes out of the ear, whether it is clear, yellow, or bloody. Ear discharge can be a symptom of various conditions, including ear infections, allergies, trauma, or other underlying conditions. In this article, we will

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Learn How To Clean Hearing Aids Properly

Hearing aids are an essential tool for those with hearing loss. They allow people to communicate and participate in daily activities, but they require proper maintenance to function correctly. Cleaning hearing aids is an important part of their maintenance, and it is necessary to keep them in good condition. In this article, we will discuss

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Olive Oil in Ears: Effectiveness On Ear Wax Removal

Olive Oil: Effectiveness, Methods, Safety, Ear Wax, Infection Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the body to protect the ear canal. However, when there is an excessive buildup of ear wax, it can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, and other ear-related problems. Fortunately, there are many ear wax removal methods available, including using

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It can occur due to various reasons, including aging, exposure to loud noise, ear infections, and genetic factors. Hearing loss can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life, affecting their ability to communicate effectively, socialise, and perform everyday tasks. In

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2 Oct
Do you have swollen earlobes

Swollen Earlobes – Causes and Treatments

Have you ever suffered from swollen earlobes? A swollen ear lobe can be incredibly frustrating; there’s no doubt about that. And, in some cases, they can even feel a little worrying. However, if you have experienced swollen earlobes, we’ve outlined several key things you need to know about this condition. Hopefully, this will help you

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2 Oct
Wear your hearing aids. Book in for a hearing health check at Deeside Ear Care.

Choosing Not To Wear Your Hearing Aids Can Cause Problems

Commonly, we hear from our patients that they’ve not been disciplined in using their hearing aids. Sometimes, that’s because they might be over-conscious of them or not understand the negative effects of not wearing them. Your overall health could suffer when you don’t wear your hearing aids. This article will make you aware of the

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22 Sep
sensitivity to sound by Deeside Ear Care

Misophonia and Sensitivity to Sound

When faced with hearing-related symptoms that you’re unsure about. It can be difficult to know what to do. Misophonia can cause a variety of symptoms but don’t worry, it’s quite uncommon. If you’re having adverse reactions to certain sounds, read on to find out what might be causing it. What is Misophonia? There are some

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20 Sep
Do you suffer from selective hearing...Deeside Ear Care

Selective Hearing – How Does it Work?

Have you ever wondered about what selective hearing is and how it works? In many cases, it’s easy to misunderstand topics such as selective hearing as simply being “fussy” over what someone hears. However, the reality is much more complex than this, and selective hearing can actually be a challenging and frustrating condition to live

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18 Sep
Earwax Guide - what your ear wax color means - Deeside Ear Care

Earwax Guide: Colour, Consistency, and Smell

Earwax – it’s one of those things that we all know about but largely try to ignore. However, earwax is actually a vitally important part of our body’s naturally cleansing processes, and as such, ensuring your earwax is healthy is important. Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the most critical things you need to know about

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14 Sep
Ear Candling

Ear Candling: Does it Really Work?

Countless different treatment options are available these days for conditions such as excessive earwax production. However, not every solution is necessarily as reliable or as safe as others – which can leave you struggling to find the most effective solutions for your needs. With this thought in mind, today, we’re taking a look at some

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10 Sep
ear wax build up

What Are the Symptoms of Ear Wax Build-up?

Ear wax is helpful in multiple ways. It acts as a natural cleanser by trapping the dirt, slowing bacteria growth, and protecting your ear canal. An excessive build-up of ear wax isn’t good for your ears. If your ears get blocked by ear wax, you may experience many complications leading to infections and hearing loss

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19 Jun
Earol Olive Oil Spray

Tips For Preventing Ear Wax Build-Up

The glands in the middle of the ear canal produce ear wax which functions to trap dust, dirt, or other foreign bodies so that they do not reach the eardrum. This wax gradually makes its way out of the ear on its own. An excessive build-up of this ear wax causes irritation and may make

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