What Is Impacted Cerumen? How to Prevent and Treat Impacted Cerumen?

29 Mar
Build up classed as impacted that will affect hearing ability

Do you experience a feeling of fullness in your ear? Are you experiencing hearing complications? If yes, that’s probably because of impacted cerumen. Cerumen is an alternative name for earwax. Ear wax is a substance secreted by little glands in the ear. It helps protect our ears and does not allow debris and unwanted particles to reach the eardrums.

Generally, the glands in the ear produce small quantities of earwax, however, sometimes this wax gets excessively produced. If not cleaned or removed in a timely manner, it leads to impacted wax.

What is Impacted Wax/Cerumen?

Impacted cerumen refers to a condition when earwax builds to the extent that the ear canal can no longer clear it.

Our ears are self-cleaning. However, when an excessive build-up of wax occurs, the tiny hairs that transport the wax out of the ear no longer function. This leads to blockages and causes a wide range of unwanted symptoms.

What are the Complications of Impacted Wax?

Impacted cerumen can lead to severe complications such as; hearing loss, ear infection, and irritation or buzzing sounds in the ears. An excessive build-up of the ear worsens the clinicians’ situation because they cannot see clearly into the ear canal and find it challenging to diagnose ear problems.

What are the Symptoms of Impacted Cerumen?

You may experience several symptoms if you have impacted cerumen. The most common symptom is experiencing a sensation of fullness in the ear canal with wax pushing up against it. Along with that, you may also experience discharge or even pain in your ear. Some patients may also experience dizziness because ear wax affects the ear’s balance centres.

What Does the Colour of the Wax Indicate?

Also, it is worth mentioning that the colour of the wax discharge varies. The darker the colour, the older the earwax. The yellowish colour of the wax indicates that the wax is new; however, a brownish colour indicates that the wax has been there for some time.

Similarly, a black earwax indicates that the cerumen has been mixed with blood. Furthermore, green pus in the wax suggests that you might have an ear infection. So, if you experience any such situations, do not delay getting in touch with a clinician at Deeside Ear Care.

How to Prevent Impacted Cerumen?

You can prevent excessive ear wax build-up by avoiding the insertion of external objects in your ear. Do not use cotton buds or swabs to remove the ear wax. These tools might seem good for your hygiene; however, they may push the wax deep into the canal, making it difficult to remove the wax.

Also, develop a habit of consuming a healthy diet because our diet plays a role in ear wax build-up.

How to Treat Impacted Cerumen?

Although there are various ear wax removal methods, the best and most safe method is the micro suction earwax removal method (unlike ear candling). This process uses a small suction device that essentially sucks out the wax from the ear. Prior to this, you should always try olive oil to see if that helps soften and for the wax to come out naturally.

So, if you are experiencing any symptoms of impacted cerumen, book an appointment with our Deeside Ear Care clinic and get ear wax removed via the microsuction ear wax removal treatment. We are based on the outskirts of Aberdeen in Bucksburn and provide clinics on most days including evenings and weekends. To book an appointment for ear wax removal Aberdeen services, visit our homepage or contact page.

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