The Dangers of DIY Ear Wax Removal

10 Sep
DIY ear wax removal

Is excessive build-up of ear wax causing problems for you? Do you want to get rid of this wax and clean your ears? If yes, we are here to help you.

We know that a build-up of ear wax can be extremely annoying, and you would wish to get rid of it as soon as possible. Many people attempt to clean the ear wax in their homes. They use cotton buds or ear candles to clean their ears.

At first glance, these tools may appear to be attractive; however, they may do more harm than good when you attempt to use them to clean your ears.

Do you know what can be the drawbacks of trying to remove the ear wax yourself? If not, continue reading this guide. Here we will let you know the dangers of trying to remove the ear wax yourself and attempting to clean the ears yourself.

Dangers of Cleaning the Ears Yourself

Here are a few drawbacks of attempting to clean your ears yourself using the tools available at home:

· You May Cause Damage to Your Ears

Our ears are delicate. Even the slightest pressure can cause significant damage to your ears. In an attempt to clean the ears yourself, you may rupture your eardrums. Although the eardrums may heal with time and treatment; however, you experience difficulties in hearing faint sounds in the future.

· You Cannot See the Inside of Your Ear

Since you aren’t seeing the inside of your ears while performing the cleaning job, the risk for self-harm is much higher. For example, if you have a perforated eardrum, it will require a unique approach to cleaning. Therefore, if you attempt to clean the ear wax yourself without knowing your unique needs, you are much more likely to damage your eardrums.

On the contrary, when you visit Deeside Ear Care, we perform the ear wax removal process by clearly looking into your ear. Hence, the risk of injury or damage gets reduced significantly:

· It Might Become More Difficult to Remove the Ear Wax

If you attempt to remove the ear wax using cotton swabs or cotton buds, you may further complicate the situation. These tools push the wax further into the canal leading to discomfort and blockages. Resultantly, the delicate skin lining of your ears may get damaged, leading to an infection.

To avoid this situation, you should come and book an ear examination appointment with us. We will examine your ears fully and if there is wax to be removed, carefully remove the earwax using the microsuction process.

· It May Lead to An Ear Infection

Inserting an object into your ear canal involves a lot more risk as it disturbs the natural bacteria flora and increases the chances of an infection. Furthermore, washing your ears may disrupt the ear’s natural pH balance and cause water to be trapped. This pH imbalance also increases the chances of infection as it is a dark and moist place.

How to Get Ear Wax Removed?

Having understood that attempting to remove ear wax at home is risky, you might be wondering what the best way to get your ears clean is? The best way to get your ear wax removed is by visiting a professional ear wax removal clinic. This is something that we specialise in at Deeside Ear Care.

One of our clinicians will use the microsuction process to remove your ear wax so that you can can your hearing back to what it once was. Process is pain free, quick and clean. Book your appointment for ear examination or ear wax removal today.


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