Tips For Preventing Ear Wax Build-Up

19 Jun
Earol Olive Oil Spray

The glands in the middle of the ear canal produce ear wax which functions to trap dust, dirt, or other foreign bodies so that they do not reach the eardrum. This wax gradually makes its way out of the ear on its own.

An excessive build-up of this ear wax causes irritation and may make hearing much more difficult. If you wear hearing aids or earplugs, these devices can further push the ear wax into the ear, making it very difficult to remove the wax. That’s why it is essential to get this ear wax frequently removed so that you can enjoy a comfortable hearing experience.

Producing ear wax is normal; however, excessive ear wax or a build up can happen too, but it does not mean you have to live with it. Taking full control of your earwax helps prevent ear wax blockage and makes your hearing better.

Tips to Prevent Excessive Ear Wax Build-Up

Here we will share a few tips that you must adopt to prevent ear wax build-up and minimise the risk of infections.

Do Not Try to Remove Wax At Home

Many people use cotton swabs or buds to get rid of ear wax. These tools push the wax into the canal; as a result, it gets harder to get the wax out. Using cotton swabs does not solve the problem; rather, it further complicates it.

So, you should never attempt to remove the wax at home using home remedies, nor should you attempt ear candling. Instead, you should seek professional medical care at Deeside Ear Care and request an appointment to remove the ear wax.

Use Ear Drops

Ear drops are an effective and affordable way of preventing ear wax build-up. Lay down with your head tilted towards the ceiling and use a dropper to apply a few drops into your ear canal. Continue lying down in this position for 3-4 minutes so that the ear drops easily penetrate the ears. These ear drops will soften the wax and allow your body to remove it naturally. Do the same procedure for the second ear, and for better results, do this at least twice for 4-5 days.

Do not Over-Clean Your Ears

Avoid over cleaning your ears because this may cause irritation in the ear canal, ear infection, or an ear wax build-up.

Seek Medical Help

The best way to remove ear wax is by getting professional ear care help. If you are experiencing ear wax build-up symptoms, get in touch with our Deeside Ear Care clinic in Aberdeen. The clinician will carefully remove the ear wax and suggest the best prevention tips or ongoing treatment methods.

Choose Microsuction Treatment

If you are prone to producing excessive ear wax, you should consider microsuction treatment for ear wax removal. Microsuction treatment is an effective and safe way of getting rid of excessive ear wax using specialised equipment.

At Deeside Ear Care, we are specialists in ear wax removal using microsuction, so contact us today to book your ear wax removal appointment in Aberdeen.

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  1. Adam

    I found that using Earol or another olive oil spray definitely made a difference in the short term for me, but I eventually had to get the wax removed as there was just too much. I’ve also used Otex and sodium bicarb, but the same issue is that when there is too much wax, these products don’t cut it.

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